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About Two Grey Hills

Two Grey Hills offers handcrafted, high-quality, Southwestern jewelry and home décor accessories to retailers. The company began over 40 years ago when Rick Richardson moved to New Mexico and became fascinated with Native American textiles and pottery. What began as an Indian arts trading business dealing in rugs, blankets and pottery eventually led to much more. Rick had a passion for design and a love of the beautiful stones of the Southwest. Over the years he had gotten to know a lot of miners, stone cutters and Native American silver artisans. It all came together when Rick became a jewelry manufacturer. All items are fully handmade using real stones and sterling silver (unless indicated otherwise). The stones are purchased directly from the stone cutters and are selected for their beauty, color and quality. The fabrication is done by our skilled Navajo silversmiths. The designs are unique to Two Grey Hills.

Emily Moore joined the company twenty years ago when she and Rick got married. Their designs became a collaborative effort. In November of 2015, Rick passed away as the result of a burst aneurism precipitated by a fall. Emily continues the business with the same high standards and innovative designs.

Emily explains how the jewelry is created. “When I select the stone, I begin to visualize how to enhance the individual stone’s beauty. I might start adding additional stones or different colored stones, until the piece begins to speak to me. I then start to imagine what type of setting will be appropriate to show off the stone’s natural beauty. Once I have the concept in mind, I will draft a design for my silversmiths to follow.”

Every piece that we sell comes with information about the stones used and their origin. Everything is stamped with the hallmark of the silversmith that fabricated the piece. We stand behind our products and guarantee them for life.